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publication date: Jan 24, 2024

Sustainability Network is pleased to announce the launch of Vision2030, a multi-year program addressing four sector priorities: Truth and Reconciliation, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), Technology and Youth & Intergenerational Issues.

Vision2030 is the result of a collaboration between Sustainability Network and 56 high-impact environmental NGO leaders from across Canada to define where Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) want to be by the end of the decade and what organizational capacity challenges and gaps must be addressed to get there.

Mark your calendar!

At the end of February, the Youth & Intergenerational Issues program begins with “Apathy is Boring,” a public webinar on Youth-friendly ENGOs. It will include a 3-part series of interactive workshops and three organizational audits designed to help organizations better engage youth as key decision-makers and foster more youth-friendly working environments. This program will run once a year for 3 years.

Starting in mid-2024 and continuing annually through 2026, Sustainability Network will host 3-4 virtual workshops in the field of intergenerational workforces. Intergenerational Workplace is designed to help ENGOs come to terms with managing the diverse needs, expectations, and ways of working with multiple generations to smooth organizational friction.

Beginning in March, Dr. Damien Lee of Gimiwan Research and Consulting will offer a 7-part online series on Decolonizing ENGO-First Nation Partnerships to help build ENGO staff awareness and literacy about the structure of settler colonialism and avoid reproducing it in partnerships with Indigenous communities. This program is set to run twice a year, 2024 through 2026.

Later this spring, several more programs launch including Justice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) with two initial offerings: The BIPOC ENGO Inclusivity Café, and the BIPOC ENGO Inclusive Workplaces Lab. Anna-Liza Badaloo (Sustainability Network) will facilitate 15-20 person cohorts for peer networking, learning and sharing over three months.

  • The BIPOC ENGO Inclusivity Café will help ENGOs gain awareness of the challenges that BIPOC communities face in an organizational setting and serve as a community of practice for those leading or responsible for JEDI initiatives.
  • The BIPOC ENGO Inclusive Workplaces Lab will bring together ENGO leaders so that they can ensure their workplace structures and organizational culture are truly welcoming, affirming, and BIPOC-inclusive.

These programs will run twice a year for 2024, 2025 and 2026.

In summer 2024, the Organizational Change Program will help conservation NGOs take a hands-on decolonial approach to organizational change and address current challenges in supporting Indigenous-led conservation. This collaboration with Chloe Dragon-Smith (Conservation Through Reconciliation) and Don Carruthers Den Hoed (Canadian Parks, Protected and Conserved Areas Leadership Collective) will include monthly virtual workshops and an on-the-land gathering.

In the fall, Sustainability Network will collaborate with the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) and the Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience (CCNDR) to offer the Nonprofit Tech Readiness Program to the ENGO community in Canada with the aim of helping ENGOs gather and leverage data to meet their organizational missions, as well as build capacity to plan and implement organization-wide technology projects.

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