How to leverage your introvert strengths during your job search

publication date: Mar 11, 2020
author/source: Emilia Stypulkowska

It’s no secret that the job search process can be easier for extroverts, especially when it comes to the interview component. Extroverts are generally energized by social interaction, and tend to display enthusiasm and assertiveness. These traits can make it easier for extroverts to effectively express themselves and highlight their competencies confidently.

If you’re an introvert, you might find this discouraging. But the reality is that, as an introvert, you have unique skills and abilities. And you can absolutely leverage some of these skills during the interview process. Self-knowledge is powerful and the more aware you are of the strengths you possess, the better you can use them to your advantage.

Here are some strategies that will help you make a positive and lasting impression during the interview process:

1) As an introvert, you are more likely to be a strategic thinker. So, as you prepare for an interview, research the organization and imagine what their challenges could be – especially the ones that relate to the department where you’d be working. Write a few of these challenges down, and brainstorm some solutions.

If these challenges don’t come up naturally in the interview questions, you can find a way to work them in at the end of the interview. You will almost always be asked if you have any questions and in that moment, you can ask about challenges related to the department or the organization and engage in a short discussion about some of the solutions you would try.

2) Introverts also tend to be process oriented. Consider the processes that would be a part of your role as you prepare for your interview. When you are asked questions relating to these, demonstrate your thoughtful analysis and discuss how you might improve or streamline these processes at the organization.

3) Introverts are usually better at showing their capabilities as opposed to telling people about them. You can bring an example of your work or something that you’ve created to the interview. This way, you can build some of the conversation around it and explain your thought process.

Interviews are almost always stress-inducing regardless of whether or not you are an introvert. The bottom line is that preparation makes it easier to show your best side and allows you to express your enthusiasm about the role. When you do this in conjunction with considering your best qualities, you can feel more confident going in to your interview.

Emilia Stypulkowska helps people take control of their careers by helping them navigate challenges, restore their energy, and land their dream job. She can be reached at

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