Research | Sector 360 Survey highlights Ontario nonprofit landscape

publication date: Dec 10, 2019
author/source: ONN (Ontario Nonprofit Network)

The Sector 360° Survey is ONN's first survey of the sector to examine how Ontario's nonprofit landscape has been impacted by the 2019 provincial budget, as well as recent policy decisions made by the provincial government.

This survey was open to nonprofits, charities, and nonprofit co-operatives with a mission to serve a public benefit, aimed specifically at executive directors and senior leaders. The survey was administered using an online platform for one month. A total of 447 people responded; however, not all respondents replied to all questions.

Responses show that across subsectors, organizations aren’t just worried about having their funding streams cut, but also the speed and uncertainty of the decision-making process, as well as the lack of information, details, and engagement with the sector by the provincial government. The responses from nonprofits underscore the challenges they face and the concern they have for the communities they serve.

Our key finding is that nonprofits are now operating in a climate of growing uncertainty and volatility as a result of massive systems transformations confronting the nonprofit sector in Ontario.

Data highlights:

1.  30 per cent of responding organizations said their budgets have decreased as a result of the provincial budget and policy changes.











2.  50 per cent of responding organizations do not have the bare minimum of three months reserve funds.













3.   23 per cent of responding organizations anticipate having to pay costs out of pocket as a result of the 2019 budget and related policy decisions.














To read the full report, click here.


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