Review | The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 Exhibits and 199 Web Links

publication date: Jul 19, 2021
author/source: David Love

We fundraisers have the best job in the world. We help people - those marvelous people called donors - make their world a better place - make their dreams come true.

We fundraisers have the most important job in the world. Our world, their world, is reeling. Loss of biodiversity, accelerating climate emergencies, assaults on democracy, crippling poverty and incidious injustice.

We fundraisers have the most difficult job in the world. Raising money (I prefer to say creating value) is immensely challenging. Where do we start? What works? What doesn’t?

Taken together, these three observations lead us to cry for help.


Well sisters and brothers, help is here! Ken Burnett has written a new, completely unique book called “The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 Exhibits and 199 Web Links.” (I told you it was unique!)

30 years ago, Ken rescued donors by putting them in the centre with his first book, “Relationship Fundraising”.

In his new book, Ken rescues us by showing us that we are campaigners. We don’t raise money. We work with donors yearning to make their world more just, more educated, more healthy, greener. Precious donors who, guided by campaigners, want to be inspired, angered, impassioned and given a chance to be heroes. This book, filled with powerful examples accompanied by Ken’s sharp wit and profound insights, is a treasure.

This book is also about YOU. In it, you are a campaigner. It seems the more we ask for money, the less we get. That’s because, if we do it right, we don’t ask for money. We ask for change.

Our work is too important to fail. In this gem of a book, the best curator imaginable shows us what works and what doesn’t.

We owe it to ourselves to be “on the top of our game.” To learn and apply the cornucopia of lessons vividly laid out in this book. Every area of fundraising is covered and Ken’s examples of campaigning fundraising in action are simply breathtaking.

And for the more electronically inclined, the book includes a special SOFII USB key with all the links in the book. Many examples also include a QR code which also directly links to the game-changing exhibits.

In a letter written in 1676, the genius Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

In Ken’s remarkable book, he not only delightfully introduces us to the giants of fundraising, but he also gives us a curated tour of their best work.

I began by saying we are doing the most important and most difficult job in the world. To fall short because we are too busy to learn our trade is unforgivable.

Buy and read this book and become a campaigning fundraiser. Your donors are waiting to change the world.

The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising in 52 Exhibits and 199 Web Links is by Ken Burnett, White Lion Press, London, 2021. The book costs about $52 dollars Cdn with an additional $9 for shipping. This includes a $17.50 donation to SOFII (The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration at which you are surely already familiar with. To order just email with your mailing address and he’ll confirm payment details directly.

David Love is known as the Godfather of Good. He is part of Agents of Good.

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