SPONSORED | 2024 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report: Key Lessons for Canadian Finance Leaders

publication date: Jun 5, 2024
author/source: Sage

For Canadian nonprofits, the intelligent use of financial technology is necessary to streamline day-to-day operations and dramatically enhance their ability to serve their communities effectively. The right tools also help nonprofits swiftly adapt to financial uncertainties and regulatory changes while efficiently managing their resources to meet beneficiaries' growing needs.

Insights from Sage's 2024 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report, reflecting responses from 120 finance leaders across Canada, can help you understand the strategic and operational shifts you need to undertake to remain focused on your mission.

Current landscape and revenue trends

Canadian nonprofits have demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of economic fluctuations, with many organizations reporting an upturn in revenues over the past year. This trend of financial growth highlights the sector's strength and adaptability.

Despite economic uncertainties, most organizations remain optimistic about their financial futures. The ability to adapt and continue meeting revenue goals reflects a robust sector ready to tackle emerging challenges.

Digital transformation and technological adoption

Nearly half of the surveyed nonprofits are actively digitizing, with financial processes being the most digitized area. This shift is crucial to the success of your nonprofit mission, as digital transformation supports growth while supporting better resource management and operational efficiency.

This widespread move towards digital solutions is pivotal for several reasons.

  • You can streamline tasks that traditionally consume considerable time and resources, allowing staff to focus on strategic objectives rather than routine administrative duties.
  • Digitizing your financial processes supports more accurate and timely access to financial data, which is crucial for making informed decisions quickly.
  • An enhanced resource management capability improves your overall operational efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

As a result, you can operate more dynamically and responsively and be better equipped to adapt to changing financial landscapes and beneficiary needs.

Other key takeaways

  1. Growing dependence on advanced financial management systems
    Economic volatility has accentuated the need for robust financial systems. Nonprofits increasingly reject essential accounting software in favor of comprehensive, cloud-based solutions that offer real-time insights and automation. These systems are crucial for managing your complex funding structures and compliance requirements, ensuring you remain agile and well-prepared for financial fluctuations.
  2. Critical role of outcome metrics
    Tracking and reporting outcome metrics is more than a regulatory requirement; it's a strategic asset when telling a financial story. These metrics, which could include quantitative data like the number of people served or qualitative outcomes such as improvement in quality of life, are crucial for evaluating and refining program effectiveness. Use these metrics to better communicate your impact. This is vital for donor retention and attracting new funding. Transparency builds trust and strengthens the case for support in a competitive funding environment.
  3. Strategic necessity of budgeting and planning tools
    Sophisticated budgeting and planning tools have become essential for increasingly complex nonprofit operations. These tools help you forecast and adapt to changes more accurately, ensuring financial stability and strategic flexibility. The shift from traditional methods like spreadsheets to specialized software illustrates a broader trend towards technology that can handle multi-faceted financial scenarios.

People challenges

People challenges not only impact your day-to-day operations but also influence long-term strategic planning.
• Staffing shortages and skills gaps

Finding and nurturing the right talent is essential for using new technologies and improving operational efficiencies.
• Strategic hiring practices

Ensuring that new staff members are familiar with, and proficient in, managing advanced technological tools is crucial. This approach helps build a tech-savvy workforce that drives your organization forward.
• Ongoing training programs

These programs help your existing staff effectively adapt to new systems and processes. As a result, overall productivity improves, and your organization can experience smoother transitions to digital platforms.

Engagement and fundraising shifts

Online engagement and fundraising have become pivotal, with many nonprofits seeing an increase in online donations. This trend highlights the importance of digital platforms in expanding your outreach and enhancing donor engagement.

Online tools allow you to streamline donation processes, engage with supporters in real-time, and provide more frequent updates on your activities and impacts. Aligning with personal and corporate values can drive donor support, emphasizing the need for you to communicate their impact effectively.

The journey towards full tech integration

As Canadian nonprofits continue to evolve, integrating technology into your operations is beneficial and necessary. The 2024 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report reveals a sector that is both aware of, and responsive to, the need for digital sophistication—crucial for handling modern nonprofit management.

Your journey towards full digital integration is ongoing, and recognizing the strategic necessity of these advancements will help you lead effectively to sustain and enhance your mission.


Embracing a modern mindset, nonprofits recognize technology as vital for future success. Sage is committed to supporting their unique digital transformation journeys with insights, expertise, and innovative technology.

Download Sage's 2024 Technology Trends Report.


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