Research excerpt | The 2020 Toronto Fallout Report

publication date: Nov 17, 2020
author/source: Toronto Foundation

The Toronto Fallout Report captures seven months in the life of the COVID-19 pandemic in our city. This report applies an equity lens to data, issues and the analysis of the research. It documents the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on marginalized populations and the organizations that serve them. At the same time, it surfaces the knowledge and expertise of community leaders whose lived and professional experiences shed light on the fallout from the pandemic. Their perspectives and leadership will point the way to a more fair and just social and economic recovery in Toronto.

Health and Wellness

As of early October 2020, COVID-19 has directly led to 1,300 deaths and counting in the city. Necessary mitigating efforts to stem the spread of the virus have in turn affected the health and wellness of even more city residents. In this context, inequities in health outcomes have shone through as pre-existing concerns have been exacerbated throughout the pandemic. Rising food insecurity and declining mental health are two such factors. And the fact that COVID-19 disproportionately affects low-income racialized residents is impossible to ignore. As the crisis has unfolded, health and wellbeing supports have been strained and have exposed the gaps in services for the most vulnerable among us. With so much stress on the health-care system and thousands of residents disproportionately impacted, how will we increase community-based supports to aid an equitable recovery? Can we commit to investing in preventative measures, too, for the wellbeing of all residents?

People earning less than $30,000 annually were 5.3 times more likely to be affected by COVID-19 than those with annual incomes above $150,000.

While COVID-19 rates were similar across neighbourhoods at the end of March 2020, by the end of May 2020, the most racialized parts of the city had 10 times more cases than the least racialized parts of the city.

Experts called out the severity of food insecurity pre-COVID-19, and there is now widespread concern that supporting organizations do not have the money to sustain operations, let alone meet the needs of a second wave.

COVID-19 has exacerbated mental health challenges and exposed the need for system overhauls.

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