How to convert those one-time donors into regular givers

publication date: Nov 16, 2012
After surveying more than 4,000 donors in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, Blackbaud has found three factors that would motivate one-time donors to become regular donors. The insights come from Donor Perspectives: An investigation into what drives your donors to give, a research summary released in mid-November.

Eighty percent of respondents reported making a one-off donation to at least one charity in the last year, while roughly two-thirds of respondents from each country reported making regular or recurring automatic donations. 

Respondents that were prepared to consider becoming regular donors reported that these incentives would change their behaviour: 
  1. an improvement in their personal financial situation, 
  2. a passion for an organization's mission, and 
  3. access to information that proved the impact of their contributions. 
Many respondents (20% to 30%) said they had stopped giving regularly to an organization in the past three years because of their financial situation and a lack of transparency on the charity's part. 

"While personal finances greatly contribute to donor decisions about regular donations, charities can take steps to retain and attract these valuable donors," said Blackbaud's strategy VP Dennis McCarthy. "By tracking the impact of contributions and communicating that back to donors, nonprofits can increase the number of regular donors and ensure they are not losing the donors they have." 

On average, in all three countries, as the number of charities to which donors made regular donations increased, so did the total amount of financial contributions. 

For more information, Melanie Mathos, Blackbaud, Inc., 843.216.6200 x3307,

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