Six blunders to avoid on Twitter

publication date: Aug 20, 2012
author/source: Leanne Hitchcock
Now that you're taking or considering the Twitter plunge, what are the pitfalls to watch for? Charity eNews sought the advice of Lara Veltkamp, founder of Watershed Marketing Group Inc., a small business strategic marketing and consulting firm. (Read her tips for Twitter takeoff here.)
  • Don't be sporadic. Keep a regular tweet schedule but allow some spontaneity. If you don't post regularly you risk losing your followers.
  • Don't use Twitter just to "be there." Make sure you know your donors, volunteers, and sponsors are already on Twitter. If you are trying to help those stakeholders get on Twitter, run your messages and information on other outlets as well. Some people like Facebook, phone, or direct mail, so use more than one medium.
  • Don't pitch all the time. Instead, provide information and items of interest. Followers and donors don't want to be solicited continually. That's where the 6:1 ratio comes in - giving first, serving first.
  • Don't post without a strategy. Use a social media editorial calendar to make sure there is a reason behind what you are doing.
  • Don't give up control of your social media accounts, especially Twitter, to someone who is not part of your organization. Whether you use a staff person or volunteer as your social media lead, you must have a clear message  and guidelines about what the person can and cannot say.
  • Don't ever be negative in your messaging.
Contact Lara Veltkamp at, 905-726-8399; follow her on Twitter @WatershedMktg; read her blog at

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