April 1 | Change in roll-up coffee cups reduces unrestricted operating dollars

publication date: Apr 1, 2021
author/source: Apryll Foole

April 1, 2021

BREAKING | With no formal support from government for the charity sector combined with economic uncertainty, charities are looking for an increasing number of new ways for unrestricted operating dollars.

Recently, our reporter, Apryll Foole, sat down with one charity, Good things for Good People, to learn their secrets to success.

"Well, it all started simply enough," says Executive Director/Receptionist/Janitor/Program Officer/Data Entry Clerk Ed Lee. "We were all drinking coffee at our Zoom staff meeting and talking about the latest cuts to our program. All of a sudden, Amy shouted "I won! I rolled up the rim and won a free coffee!"

After issuing a plea over social media for supporters of Good Things for Good People to roll up for charity, the response was overwhelming. After buying nearly 500,000 cups of coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate, the charity has raised nearly $2000. Unfortunately, the caffeine consumed gave the staff a 3 day migraine.

Said Lee, reflecting on the effort, "It didn't raise a lot of money but it sure raised awareness."




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