SPONSORED: 4 Ways to Build Multichannel Donor Relationships

publication date: Feb 6, 2020
author/source: DonorPerfect

When it comes to your nonprofit, multichannel donors are everywhere. No, really. Everywhere.

They give online through your website and emails. They like and share your social media posts. They attend your fundraising events, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and invite their friends to come along, too. That’s why they’re called multichannel donors!

Multichannel donors believe in the work you’re doing, so they follow your organization closely and support you in every way they can. You should want all of your donors to interact with your organization the way multichannel donors do.

Don’t take our word for it. Data shows that donors who engage with your nonprofit in multiple ways stick around longer, and in turn, give more.

A multichannel donor contributes 4X as often as an online or offline-only donor.

More Engagement Means More Revenue

You can’t grow your multichannel donors unless you know who they are, how they’re giving, and what motivates them to support you.

Learn how to make and maintain valuable multichannel donor relationships in this new free guide, 4 Ways to Build Multichannel Donor Relationships: Download it here


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