Direct marketing is not an event; it's a process

publication date: Nov 16, 2011

According to author Billy Sharma, despite the flashy appeal of online campaigns, direct mail continues to be the most practical way to raise funds.  In addition to generating leads and sales, direct marketing can help to create genuine value for the people being targeted to buy into your cause.

In The Handbook of Direct Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations, Sharma explores the key rules and basics of running an effective direct marketing campaign. From the art of persuasion to the science of list generation; this book is a go-to resource for anyone looking to build or grow a direct mail program.

Starting with the basics

Here are some direct marketing "fun facts" Sharma shares in his book:

  • Direct marketing has been around a long time; in the 1700s it was called "Mail Order."
  • Direct marketing can be anything you want it to be. Unlike other media, there are few constraints on how you can present your ideas. You can mail practically anything that Canada Post will allow.
  • Letters have magical powers; they give us joy on special occasions like wedding and births, strength when we are dealing with sadness and delight when we hear from a long-lost friend.
  • Direct marketing is totally private so it is ideal for extensive testing or experimenting.
  • A direct marketing wisdom: You can't change behaviour. You can only alter a viewpoint.
  • Creativity can make or break how well a direct marketing piece will be received.

This is a book that is chock full of good ideas, relevant case studies and valuable advice earned through years of experience.  Direct Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations can be purchased from Civil Sector Press. Order it today.


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