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Reflection | Thankfully yours

publication date: Oct 8, 2020

In a very old Bing Crosby movie, there is a line about "counting your blessings instead of sheep." It is timely advice.

Let me be clear, there is much that is very wrong with the world. Early in this crisis, many identified this moment as an opportunity for permanent and significant social and environmental change. That window is still open.

While this time is difficult, it is not unprecedented. Many of us are descended from people who left a difficult situation in another country to find a better life in Canada. That better life is true for many of us.

If you, like me, have somehow found yourself in the position of the lucky side of this equation, I hope you will take this weekend to be thankful for your blessings and send an email or call a friend or colleague who has a tougher situation than you. It is trite advice and also true.

If you are in a situation that is difficult whether it be financial, emotional, work load, mental health, discrimination, safety, health or other problem, I hope that you feel heard. Those are very small words but I hope you feel seen.

My friends, these are tough times. Let's keep working to build the world we want to wake up to in 2023. It's more possible now than it has ever been in our lifetimes.

Ann Rosenfield is the Editor of Hilborn Charity eNews and has the privilege to have a glass half full view of the world.

Cover image photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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