The false promise of philanthrocapitalism

publication date: Jul 21, 2011
author/source: Lisa MacDonald

In Small Change - Why Business Won't Save the World, Michael Edwards critiques the encroachment of business into philanthropy and his view on the the ultimate consequences it brings to the process of social change and transformation.

In Edwards' own words, "because nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds them or seem out of step with the latest fashions of the funders, this debate lies largely hidden beneath the surface, which makes it much more difficult to identify when business thinking can help social change and when it can't."

Despite the weighty subject matter, Edwards unfolds his thesis in consumable bites for the reader.  In less that 125 pages, including an index and end notes, Small Change documents -

  • The rise of "Philanthrocapitalism"
  • When business thinking advances social change - and when it doesn't
  • The change that philanthrocapitalism doesn't make
  • The high cost of mission drift; why human values and market values don't mix
  • The rise of citizen philanthropy

This is a book for anyone who needs to be informed about the direction that philanthropy is taking in today's society. 

Purchase your copy of Small Change for just $19.95.




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