FUNDRAISING | Attracting New Donors Isn't Difficult When You Do It This Way

publication date: Jan 19, 2023
author/source: Sheree Allison

Are you in the "New Year, New Donors" camp? 

Here's something to consider...

Stop with the drama.

Enough with the pleading.

Quit with the deadlines.

Instead, invite them on a journey. 

YOUR journey. 

Describe how and why you started. Think you've told this story enough (or too much)? New donors haven't heard of it. Tell it even better this time. 

Tell them about the lions you fought. New donors weren't around 14 months ago, and your battles were riveting! 

Share your greatest triumphs over the last 2-3 years. You have much to be proud of. Tell the newbs what you've accomplished. 

Dive deeply into the problems you are solving. One thing you can count on is that people CARE... even if they say they don't.

Convey why you're so passionate about your cause. Everyone's favorite person to follow is the one who hollers their commitment from the rooftop. Be that person ~ and call in a new army.

Invite them to join you on the journey. I'm amazed at how many nonprofits avoid making a direct ask - to donate, to volunteer, to step into something. (Hint: They are waiting to be invited)

People don't lack another charity to donate to.

What they lack is connection and purpose.

Show them how they can find both via your organization.

They won't just give. They'll get involved.

They’ll join your journey. 

Sheree Allison merges the worlds of fundraising, marketing, and leadership combined with an entrepreneurial spirit to train and develop nonprofit leaders who are committed to building a world class organization.  Check out her book “The Non Profit Book of Wisdom - One Executive Director Who Couldn’t Be Swayed” and her weekly column at


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