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publication date: Mar 14, 2012
author/source: Lisa MacDonald
You don't have to be a fundraiser to understand that prospect research plays an important role in executing an effective fundraising campaign. But if you find "prospect research" included as a line in your job description or if you are trying to understand the role and power of data in strategic planning, Getting Started in Prospect Research by Meredith Hancks will give you a good foundation of the basics, and then some.

Published by Charity Channel Press as part of the "In the Trenches" series, this book has a conversational, upbeat approach to, what can be, a dry topic.  There are lots of side bars, practical tips on every page and enough templates that you'll think yourself a pro by the time you're done reading.

Just the other day, someone told me: "There's no way I want to do what you do! But, it would be helpful to me if we knew..."

This is Hancks' lead-in to the topic of the researcher working with "frontline fundraisers." Here's one sample to-do list suggested by the author:

Once or twice a year, meet with your frontline fundraisers either individually or in small groups of no more than three.  Your meeting should be informal, but should address these topics -

  • Who are the main prospects you are building relationships with right now?
  • What information do you still need for those prospects?
  • How else can I help?
  • Are you getting more information than you need?

Pay close attention to the answers, and then act on them. Even though it's informal, it is vital to your mutual success.

Purchase Getting Started in Prospect Research, by Meredith Hancks for only $39.95.






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