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Governing With Soul

publication date: Aug 15, 2012
author/source: Lisa MacDonald

Just Imagine!

If you knew you were making a difference!

If you were not bored at board meetings!

If you laughed and learned important things at board meetings!

If open debates were encouraged at your board meetings!

And imagine if it all added up to a challenging, stimulating board experience for you, great board governance for your organization, and a great organization for your community?

Does it all sound like a pipe dream? Too good to be true and too difficult to achieve?  Not so, assures author Marjorie Sharpe.   Developing an engaged and thriving board requires you only to embrace basic qualities of the human spirit - compassion, patience, tolerance, contentment and a sense of responsibility to name a few. 

In her book, Governing With Soul, Sharpe demonstrates the many ways in which a "spirited approach" to governance can make a difference.  And she has anecdotal evidence, based on interviews with Canadian, U.S. and United Kingdom charities to back up her thesis.

For Sharpe, "spirit" and "soul" are used interchangeably in a secular way - referring to a shared feeling of higher purpose in carrying out a mission. In this book, she has collected stories of exemplary boards that successfully integrate a sense of higher purpose in the service of their organization.  Using a research-based approach, Sharpe has focused on governance because "the fate of charities, their successes or failures, depends on the board - all directors and trustees." 

Full of anecdotes, quotes and illustrations, Governing With Soul engages the reader to think about the "soulful" approach of their own organization.  How would you answer the following questions?

  1.  How does your organization keep its spirit alive?
  2. Are members of your board regularly consulted by your board chair about their feelings and thoughts about their roles?
  3. Can you list ways that you contribute to the leadership of your board?

Full of good humour and humble reflection, this book is brimming with practical and innovative practices and ideas while reminding us how critical the human component is in achieving good governance. 

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