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publication date: Mar 1, 2012
author/source: Lisa MacDonald
I felt embarrassed the first time I bought a "For Dummies" publication.  I slid it to the cashier buried under two other books, managing a look of puzzlement when she searched for the purchase price - like I couldn't remember how it got there.  But the Dummies books are good at what they do: step-by-step teaching, of whatever skill the reader is trying to master.  Grant Writing for Dummies by Dr. Beverly A. Browning is no exception.

Even with forty years of grant writing experience on her resume, Dr. Browning is still excited by the topic of grant writing and the new challenges that our current economy presents. She says, "By using this book daily, you can achieve your highest goals, which probably includes writing and winning almost everything you submit for funding." It is a lofty promise, but somehow seems doable in the face of the mountain of well-organized information the book provides.

Divided into six sections, with 23 chapters and a CD ROM thrown in, you might think you'd be overwhelmed and unsure where to start - except that Dr. Browning tells you exactly where to begin.  Starting with grant basics (who can apply, why you need a plan, different grant types) she then moves into starting a funding plan, creating a letter of inquiry and finding grant makers worldwide. 

And yes, Dr. Browning is based in the United States, so there is some US-specific information, but this shouldn't deter you.  There is still plenty of worthwhile, important best-practice learning to make it valuable to a Canadian grant writer.

Be forewarned. This book is process oriented - it gives you a plan for organizing, writing, mailing and following up on your grant request.  But Dr. Browning's approach is clear. The underlying message throughout the book is creativity and tenacity.  The most important factor for success will be to never, ever give up if your funding request is rejected.

Another great thing about the "For Dummies" series?  They're economical.  Click here to purchase Grant Writing for Dummies, 4th Edition for only $29.99.

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