Nonprofit Consulting Essentials - what nonprofits and consultants need to know

publication date: Aug 29, 2011
Who needs a book about hiring a consultant?  Well, maybe you.  Without a doubt, there are more consultants to nonprofits than ever before.  Hiring a consultant who is either a solo practitioner, part of a boutique company or representing a large management consulting firm requires an understanding of the service they offer as well as their role in bringing for-profit ideas into the sector. 

In her book Nonprofit Consulting Essentials, author Penelope Cagney offers these additional reasons for the writing of her book:

  • There is little specifically written on consulting for nonprofits
  • The cost of consulting services is one of the greatest expenses commonly borne by nonprofits
  • Hiring  consultants involves not just senior staff but board members who would benefit from greater knowledge
  • Foundation staff need to know how to best use consultants to build capacity for their clients
  • Managers are always looking for ways to be more effective, and consulting offers a different perspective and new tools.
Perhaps you are a consultant.  This book has value for you too.  Cagney promises to bring consultants increased awareness of the subtle dynamics that underlie successful consulting, as well as a deeper understanding of emerging trends such as international opportunities and new service areas such as coaching. 

No slouch in the consulting experience area, Cagney herself is an active consultant and principal of The Cagney Company.  In this book, she supplements her own experiences with interviews with the founders and leaders of influential consulting firms and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the differences and needs of nonprofits as opposed to their for-profit counterparts.

So, do you need a book about consulting?  Maybe not now, but if you are a leader in your organization, chances are that you will be called upon to be involved in a consulting process.  This book may be your key to making the experience a success.

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