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publication date: Dec 3, 2019
author/source: CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)

The most generous country in the world over a decade of CAF World Giving Index is the United States of America

The United States of America occupies first place over the last 10 years with a score of 58%. This is followed by Myanmar in second place and New Zealand in third place. Indonesia, however, is the only country in the top 10 to have improved its one year scores over recent years, with the others on a downwards trajectory.

New Zealand is the only country to feature in the top 10 on all three giving measures

New Zealand ranks amongst the top 10 countries over 10 years, not only on the overall World Giving Index, but also on each of the three measures which make up the Index; helping a stranger, donating money and volunteering time – it is the only country to do so. At the other end, China is the only country to feature in the bottom 10 on all three measures and is, in fact, in last place of all the countries included on its overall World Giving Index score.

Half of the biggest risers over time are from Asia

Since the World Giving Index was first produced in 2010, five of the top 10 biggest risers are to be found in Asia, with Indonesia leading the way.

More than two and a half billion people have helped a stranger in the last decade

Helping a stranger is the most commonly performed giving behaviour across the world with 48.3% having done so across the 10 years of the World Giving Index. This equates to more than two and a half billion people.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ answer to tell us ‘what makes a country generous’

There is no one trait that points to a country’s generosity. Top performing countries represent a wide range of geographies, religions, cultures and levels of wealth – what they all have in common is simply an inspiring willingness to give.

This is an excerpt of the CAF’s World Giving Index, 10th Edition. To read the full report, click here

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