Social media is crowdsourcing for good

publication date: Jun 29, 2011
Philanthroper, similar to Groupon, is a "daily deals" website, but instead of offering retail discounts, they send daily emails showcasing a worthy cause asking recipients to donate.  The twist is that users will only be asked for $1, and can donate no more or less than that amount.

The power of this ask is in the partnership of Philanthroper with PayPal.  Although each donor is only giving a buck, if all of PayPal's 98 million users donated, that would be a huge sum of money for the charity recipient.

After users donate, they can share out the site and their act of good will through their social networks.  The campaign builds on the idea that a lot of people doing a little bit of good can create massive change.  At this point, all charities featured on the site will be U.S. based.

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