SPONSORED | Follow Four Steps to Create Actionable Giving Tuesday Communications

publication date: Oct 6, 2022
author/source: DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect asked organizations that have had success with their Giving Tuesday communications about their “best practices.”

The result is this 4-Step Plan for Giving Tuesday content creation.

Step #1: Communicate your theme through your Giving Tuesday form

● Create the content that will live on your Giving Tuesday form, including a title, description, and giving levels that match your theme.
● Decide how the Giving Tuesday form will be promoted - assess major and matching gift interest, appoint social media ambassadors, or consider a giving contest.

Step #2: Communicate the impact of your Giving Tuesday campaign

● Create impact stories and giving level descriptions that fit your overall theme. If you don’t have impact stories written, recorded, or in memory, try talking to a few constituents and team members, or ask them to record a video.
● Share impact stories and campaign goals across your network - meet with partners, donors, and community members to explain the urgency, recency, or relevancy of your Giving Tuesday campaign.

Step #3: Create hype around your Giving Tuesday campaign

● Create Giving Tuesday reminders to promote the campaign - use tailored messaging for each donor segment you are targeting.
● Send Giving Tuesday reminders across your network. Be sure to link to your donation page, share photos, and use the #GivingTuesday hashtag, or one that matches your campaign theme.

Recommended touchpoints
Campaign Reveal email (Early November)
Reminder email (Mid-November)
Reminder email (Day before Giving Tuesday)
“It’s here” email (Day of Giving Tuesday)

Step #4: Consider the copy you’ll need to update and steward donors

● Develop content for Giving Tuesday goal updates. It doesn’t hurt to use a template or to brainstorm subject lines in advance.
● Determine your plan to make each donor group feel special. Again, it doesn’t hurt to use a thank-you template that you can quickly customize for different situations when Giving Tuesday is over.

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Happy giving season!


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