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publication date: Oct 4, 2012
Do you give?  How do you give? Would you like to become a better giver - more generous and more strategic so that you will help others to become better givers too? Harvey McKinnon and Azim Jamal believe that if they can encourage and motivate more people to give others their time, knowledge, resources and kindness, our world will be a more peaceful and happier place.

More specifically, these authors know that they have received fantastic benefits from the power of giving and as authors and trainers, they are compelled to share their experiences with others. So, The Power of Giving was written, to inspire those people who currently give nothing and to reassure people who already give a lot that their giving is still noticed and rewarded.

A lack of time is often given as a barrier to giving.  As life becomes more demanding, time becomes our most precious commodity, but in The Power of Giving it is proposed that small investments of time can make a big difference. 

Azim provides an example of a conversation with an elderly man from his community who had shared his personal grief and guilt because of his actions over the previous ten years. Azim walked him through his actions and convinced him that what he had done was not as bad as he thought it was. A month later the old man rushed to up Azim and could not stop thanking him for making him see reality clearly. It had taken Azim only ten minutes of his time.

Here is an exercise taken from The Power of Giving to help you examine how you manage your time:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I spending my time wisely?
  • How much of my daily time goes to significant activities?
  • What is the one regret I might have when I run out of time and depart from this world?
  • If I do value each second, how will my day change?

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