The story behind your next major gift

publication date: Aug 25, 2014
author/source: Lisa MacDonald

According to Robert Peacock, "major gift fundraising is the high-octane fuel that accelerates the non-profit engine towards fulfillment of its goals." Furthermore, Peacock argues that relationship building is the most important element of the major gift process.  This means that concocting a recipe for an effective major gifts program is not easily done. 

The story behind any successfully cultivated major gift combines the experiences of the benefactor with the approach of the professional who has taken the time to understand the unique spectrum of possibilities that each benefactor represents.  However, in his book Face Time: Relationship Philanthropy, Peacock breaks down the fundamentals of a major gift program and walks the reader through the steps of securing a game-changing investment for your organization.

A place to start

When evaluating your institution's major gift program, Peacock recommends starting with the following questions in mind:

  1. Are the initiative taken with each major gift prospect consistent with the institution's strategic plan?
  2. Has each major gift prospect been asked for an annual gift?
  3. Has each major gift prospect received the quality, frequency and continuity of initiatives required for the successful development of their awareness, understanding, caring, involvement and commitment?
  4. Has there been an appropriate distribution of initiatives among the program's prospects?
  5. Is the program focused on the correct prospects?
  6. Is the program working with the optimal number of prospects?
  7. Have the most appropriate natural relationships been identified for each prospect?
  8. Is the staffing and budget of the program sufficient to support its gift potential?

Developing an understanding of the current state of your major gift program will prepare you for additional discussions on relationship building, information maintenance, motivating donors, organizational leadership, and much, much more.

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