When being "good" isn't good enough

publication date: Nov 24, 2011
author/source: Lisa MacDonald
The equation seems simple enough.  The ability of non-profits to grow and deliver services to address their mission is dependent on the resources they have available.  With the economy in flux and government funding in question, the focus for fund development staff and volunteers must be on how effective the organization can be in raising private resources.

The more money that can be raised through donations; the more service can be delivered and the mission addressed to a greater degree. To accept status quo of being "good enough" or to fail to recognize the consequence of declining revenues is operating at peril of not delivering on the mission of your organization. It is at this point that authors Guy Mallabone and Ken Balmer suggest use of The Fundraising Audit Handbook.

According to Mallabone and Balmer, to be aware of the fundamental strategies and tactics used by others and to be well-versed on best-practices, will give you the insight to take a fundraising program from "good" to "great." Those who fundraise in the traditional, narrow sense are in danger of being left behind by those who have embraced comprehensive fund development strategies. With The Fundraising Audit Handbook you are promised "relatively easy entry into an increasingly complex game."

The authors have designed this audit tool to "optimize opportunity and prevent opportunity loss." More specifically, it will help your organization to:

  • Better understand the nature of comprehensive, integrated fund development;
  • Review its track record and understand current fundraising patterns;
  • Compare current practices with accepted fund development theory;
  • Establish a benchmark for future tracking;
  • Identify gaps, issues or challenges that should be addressed; and
  • Move towards creating common goals and strategic direction.

While advocating The Fundraising Audit Handbook as a useful and important tool, Mallabone and Balmer also crystallize the role that good leadership plays.  To be passionate in your commitment, and to demonstrate a willingness to create a "can-do" culture are all parts of being a responsible, successful leader.  

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