Winning Together - a comprehensive free guide for charities of any size

publication date: May 5, 2011
author/source: Hilborn

Have you ever wished you could improve your sponsorship strategy and execution? Or are you convinced that your charity is too small, too obscure, too unpopular to forge an alliance with a business?

No matter what size your organization, or how strong or rudimentary your current sponsorship program is, you can do a better job on sponsorship - and thereby build your brand, enhance your visibility, and attract more money and volunteers to your mission.

Hilborn, publishers of Canadian Fundraising & Philanthropy, has just released a free 50-page guide to sponsorship in Canada, written especially for charities. Winning Together: How Charities Get, Grow and Keep Great Sponsors is our 20th anniversary gift to the sector where we do business. It guides you through planning your sponsorship program, finding the right prospects, crafting a winning proposal, executing beyond expectations, and helping your sponsors activate effectively.

Content comes from Hilborn's staff experts, two terrific partners - Brent Barootes of Partnership Group - Sponsorship Specialists and Mark Sabourin of The Sponsorship Report - plus Jody Larose of Jody Larose Sponsorship & Marketing Alliances Inc. and charity specialists facing the daily challenges and joys of effective sponsorship.

Download your free copy of this first-ever 52-page sponsorship handbook now, your gift from Hilborn.

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