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publication date: Apr 18, 2012
You work in a nonprofit because you love the challenges that it offers and believe passionately about the cause that you are championing. You are engaged in your work because you're taking time to educate yourself on current happenings and resources in the sector.  If you're like me, your brain does not (always) shut down at 5:00 pm. Instead, while making coffee in the morning or "relaxing" on the weekend you continue to contemplate the issues that are part of your workplace: planning the next annual campaign; recruiting engaged board members; technology adoption; integration of marketing channels; staff continuity planning and the list could go on. 

All of these topics are part of a knowledge base needed to be a successful leader in the nonprofit sector and you recognize that there is still a lot to learn as you've been in this line of work for less than ten years. If this sounds like you, then here's a great book published by Charity Channel Press that offers a little bit of learning in a lot of different areas. You and Your Nonprofit, edited by Norman Olshansky and Linda Lysakowski:

  • Explores planning issues that are often a challenge to nonprofit organizations
  • Provides models for improvement and management, governance and leadership
  • Presents best practices related to the science and art of fundraising
  • Addresses many of the day-to-day issues that confront nonprofit leaders and professionals
  • Provides practical and replicable problem-solving suggestions

An anthology of more than 75 essays, You and Your Nonprofit is written by experienced professionals in the field who share their real life learnings of being in the trenches of nonprofit work. It's an eclectic collection of work including titles such as "Who Owns You?," "Won't Someone Please Be Our President," "Why Outcomes, Anyway?" and  "Program Evaluation Made Easy."

This book is yours to scan, read, take notes, underline and challenge.  As the editors say - "this book has been written for YOU!"

Purchase You and Your Nonprofit, edited by Norman Olshansky and Linda Lysakowski for only $59.95.


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