Canadian billionaire signs “The Giving Pledge”

publication date: Jun 2, 2012
Turns out that even a billionaire from Canada can be a "nice" guy.  Jeffrey Skoll is a dot-com legend who started eBay Inc., launched a media company that produces Oscar-winning movies and is one of just 20 people in the world to donate at least $1-billion to charity - signing the Giving Pledge (initiated by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett ) that calls on the superrich to stop hoarding their wealth.

Last week, Mr. Skoll was in Ottawa where he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada for his "commitment to social causes and innovative practice of philanthropy." In 1999, he established the Skoll Foundation and embraced the concept of social entrepreneurship - providing long-term funding and freedom to innovate, rather than annual grants tied to specific conditions.

Now he speaks to others about "impact investing," a more challenging form of philanthropy; channelling funds into projects that yield a tangible social benefit as well as financial returns.

Read Tavia Grant's full story in The Globe and Mail.

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