Canadian hospitals beat pre-recession levels; over $1.35 billion raised in 2011

publication date: Oct 10, 2012
Donors to Canada's health care institutions increased contributions by $151 million last year, 12.5% more than in fiscal year 2010.  Cash donations and pledges in FY 2011 totaled $1.355 billion, according to the AHP Report on Giving-Canada issued October 3 by the Association for Health Care Philanthropy.

 "It has been four long years since Canadian hospitals and health care systems were able to exceed the $1.337 billion raised through philanthropy in 2007. This had been the high-water mark for giving to health care institutions in Canada since the year 2000," noted Jory Pritchard-Kerr, AHP regional director for Canada and executive director of Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation.   

Updated equipment accounted for more than 53 cents of every donated dollar.  Other important purposes for which donations were expended included construction and renovation projects (13.3%), resources for research and teaching (9.8%) and general operations (8.3%).    

Individual donors dominate 

As in past years, more than 8 of every 10 donors were individual givers. They contributed almost 6 of every 10 dollars raised. Most such donors were from the health care institution's surrounding community, while persons with direct ties to the facility, such as patients, staff, physicians and board members, represented more than 37% of all individual donors.   

Slightly more than 1 in 10 donors were businesses or foundations. Their contributions exceeded 3 of every 10 dollars raised.   

The FY 2011 report indicates more fundraising success was achieved through major gifts and annual giving than the previous year, while the portion of funds raised dipped for special events and planned giving, but remained about the same for capital campaigns.   

Fundraising ROI better in smaller facilities 

The cost to raise a dollar rose to 30 cents in 2011, up two cents from a year earlier. On average, fundraisers brought in $3.36 for every dollar of fundraising expenses last year, 20 cents less than in FY 2010.  

This overall average ROI varied depending on the size of the health care facility. The ROI for facilities with 100 to 199 beds actually jumped $1.24 to $3.38 over the year, while slipping 75 cents to $3.60 for institutions with more than 400 beds.   

The AHP Report on Giving is based on a survey of North American health care institutions affiliated with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, a not-for-profit organization established in 1967 whose 5,000 members direct philanthropic programs in 2,200 of North America's 3,400 nonprofit health care providers, including 211 in Canada.   

Survey results for the U.S. indicated that philanthropic fundraising by nonprofit health care institutions totaled $8.941 billion in fiscal year 2011, up from $8.264 billion in FY 2010. Giving patterns are similar in the U.S. and Canada, with individual donors accounting for most contributions and most money raised. 

U.S. hospitals and health care systems devote a smaller portion of donated dollars to buying equipment and larger portions to physical plant improvements, general operations and community benefit programs than their Canadian counterparts.   

A copy of the AHP Report on Giving Fact Sheet is available free at The complete report is available for a fee, or free to AHP members who completed the survey.   For more information, Kathy Renzetti,;

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