Five New Year’s resolutions for your website

publication date: Jan 10, 2014
author/source: Todd Jamieson

2014 is finally here! If your charity is like most, your biggest donation quarter is now over and you’re ready to start a new year. You’ve brought in some new donors, and they are excited to learn more about your mission.Todd Jamieson photo

One of the biggest challenges you’ll be facing is getting donors to become repeat donors in 2014. According to Leah Eustace of Good Works, the latest statistics show that overall donor retention sits at about 40%, and only 27% will stay with you after making their first gift!

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be smart to make some New Year’s resolutions for your website?

Here are five worth considering:

Go on a website diet
When was the last time you removed content on your website? What Redundant, Outdated or Trivial content can you remove from your site? Content ROT is bad for your donation conversions and may get in the way of telling your story.

Make a plan: create an annual content calendar

Sharing useful updates, tips and stories with your followers is a great way to build stronger relationships. It can be a scramble to make sure this actually happens, however. Make your life easier and have a plan. Planning your content shares and articles ahead of time allows you to be more strategic and also get more people involved. Remember, it’s OK to recycle your content across different social networks.

Track your progress through Google Analytics and Google Analytics goals

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Adding Google Analytics to your site and setting up goal pages allows you to measure your efforts. You’ll be able understand what kind of content resonates with your followers or what social networks are driving online donations. Set up three to five goals and monitor them monthly over the rest of 2014.

Make new friends with Google Plus

Google Plus is here to stay. It’s a social network you should seriously consider for 2014. It’s the number two social media site among active users (behind Facebook). We’ve seen many clients get better rankings after setting up a Google Plus page and – critically –  using it to engage with people.

Be mobile-friendly

In 2013, it was highly recommended that you have a mobile-friendly site. In 2014, it is a requirement. If you are not there yet, get the wheels in motion to ensure your site can be accessed across mobile devices.

Like all New Year’s resolutions, the hard part is in following through and making sure they happen. But once you do, you’ll be amazed with the results. Here’s hoping your list is nothing but “done” checkmarks 12 months from now!

A tireless explorer of new developments on the web, Todd Jamieson has been keeping pace with its constant changes since 1996. Through, Todd and his firm have worked with over 100 non-profits and charities. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two young boys. Follow him via twitter.

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