Want headlines? Tie your cause to the weather

publication date: Aug 9, 2012
Weather is guaranteed to make the news every day, all year long, says nonprofit copywriter Karen Zapp. And a sure-fire way to draw attention to your nonprofit is to link the work you do to what's going on right outside your window. You'll create a win for reporters and bloggers too by helping to make their weather reports more interesting.

Weather affects everyone

So you're not an environmental charity? Doesn't matter, says Zapp. Think about how you can provide tips, articles and even videos on some aspect of your expertise that is related to the weather. For example:
  • Health institutions and charities can talk about ways to stay safe from heat or cold. So can nonprofits serving children and seniors. Perhaps hospitals are seeing more admissions due to heatstroke, snow shovelling heart attacks, or falls on ice. That's a story in itself.
  • Animal welfare organizations can supply information on protecting pets from the impact of weather.
  • Social service charities can provide stories about the impact of weather on their clients: those with substandard housing or none at all, food bank users, the impact of rising heat or power costs on fixed incomes.
  • Charities serving children can describe how to keep children safe in heat, sun or snow.
No matter what stories you're able to create by bringing your own lens to the weather, Zapp's most important tip is this: "Talk about the weather-related problems and what your organization is doing to help. And make certain you put donors in the spotlight and how they can make a difference by supporting your cause."

It's an innovative angle - but as always, it has to be about the donor.

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