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publication date: Jan 9, 2013

By Kay Sprinkel Grace’s own admission, going “beyond fundraising” is no longer the startling idea it was when she wrote the first edition of Beyond Fundraising – New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment. The idea of “investment” particularly in relation to philanthropy is now in standard use; and a notion or need for innovation in the sector is successfully practiced by many. 

Nevertheless, argues the author, the need for the nonprofit sector to go “beyond fundraising” continues to grow. Increased competition among funders and a higher level of sophistication among donors have changed the nature of philanthropy, development and fundraising.

In the second, revised edition of her book, Sprinkel Grace continues to hone and sharpen her fundraising principles as a result of observing common experiences and needs among the thousands of volunteers and staff leaders with whom she’s worked.  At the core of her philosophy, and this book, are a number of “principal concepts.”  To go beyond fundraising, nonprofits need to:

  •  Position themselves as organizations that meet needs, not as organizations that have needs
  • Know that a gift to them is really a gift through them into the community
  • Focus on program results, not just on financial goals
  • Remember that the process of asking and giving is based in shared values
  • View our organizations, and encourage others to perceive them, as vital additions to communities whose services and enhancements must be balanced and strong
  • Engage nonprofit leaders and donors at all levels in a process that will convert them to donor-investors, committed to a long-term relationship based on shared values and vision
  • Position all contributions to nonprofit organizations as social investments and all contributors as donor-investors
  • See the process of revenue generation and constituency involvement as a much larger, inclusive and energizing process called development

This book is rooted in philosophy, but offers much more. It is also packed with forms, checklists and examples to help you visualize and implement the author’s strategies and recommendations.

Purchase your copy of Beyond Fundraising for only $37.99. http://www.canadianfundraiser.com/Bookroom/productDescription.asp?crypt=DXpwDhYdd2t9f2seeHduBAMUfxgdFXhwdH92cwUQdXZ9eWYDFmUNAA8

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