Action | Bhahaya Family Foundation calls for expansion of Nonprofit Day of Recognition

publication date: May 9, 2021
author/source: Bhayana Family Foundation

The Government of Nova Scotia created Canadian history by proclaiming October 14, 2020 as a Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector. The Flag Raising at Province House was followed by a highly successful virtual awards ceremony. Ontario’s leadership investments in the nonprofit sector are legendary in Canada. It is timely for Ontario to create a Day of Recognition.

The creation of an Ontario Day of Recognition for staff of the Nonprofit Sector.

We are recommending this to shine a light on the critical role of the Nonprofit professionals. Their work on the frontlines is indispensable but unlike police, firefighters, and medical personnel, it is often invisible. The pandemic created by COVID-19, has highlighted the remarkable contributions of the nonprofit sector- many of the services are designated as essential by the Ontario Government.

How is the Nonprofit Sector contributing to our economy?

Ontario’s nonprofit and charitable sector is a large driver of economic and social development. There are 58,000 non-profits and charities operating in communities across Ontario with one million people contributing $50 billion in economic impact.

The Social Return on Investment of a Day of Recognition includes: Public awareness and recognition of the social and economic contribution the sector makes. Enhanced ability to attract a new generation of young people to the nonprofit sector.

The Bhayana Family Foundation’s vision is recognition of the value that the nonprofit sector contributes to Canadian communities. For over ten years, we have sponsored an awards program to recognize staff excellence. In partnership with the United Ways across Canada close to 1100 outstanding staff have received Awards. Raksha M. Bhayana MBA can be reached at . To learn more about  The Bhayana Family Foundation, click here. 

To join the 150 nonprofits who support this effort and sign the petition to support this initiative, here is the link

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