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publication date: Oct 18, 2012
author/source: Lisa MacDonald
(me)volution: Change begins with me is a book inspired by philanthropy and a desire to challenge the status quo.  It is the fruit of four years of work by Tony Myers and Jon Duschinsky, and is built on the premise that today's world is influenced less by politicians or "leaders" and more by individual human beings.  Enabled by technology and globalization, ordinary people are taking the power that can bring about incredible change.

So what is (me)volution exactly?  This excerpt from the book's introduction explains it best -

Well, it begins with a feeling. A visceral experience.  A sensation that wells up inside and forms itself into an idea that just takes over. Like a saucepan of milk boiling over on a stove. Seizing the heart, the mind, the nervous system. Becoming a conviction, a passion, a compulsion.

A feeling that "I need to do this" regardless of what "this" is.

We've all had these moments. You know what we are talking about. Maybe you saw a photo, a film, a documentary or a report. Maybe you heard or read something. It's often a reaction to the status quo or to an injustice. It may involve righting a wrong, correcting an injustice, protecting the environment, helping the hungry, healing the sick, saving a life or creating a vision for a better future for a single person, or a whole community. Or none of the above. But it's grabbed you. And you know you need do something about it. And that you know you can be part of change.

And then it morphs.

It moves from a very personal feeling to something that you share. And when you do - when you share your outrage, you share your dream, your vision, you create the platform where you can bring people together. People who get it. People who resonate with the values you are sharing. And who want to help you, and be a part of whatever it is that you are up to.

And then, as a critical mass of people, energy and change builds, you empower others. You provide the tools for the message to spread, for the movement to build and for transformation to become possible.

This is the journey that cuts the pathway to every real change:

  • A sensation that becomes an idea.
  • An idea that gets powerfully shared.
  • A movement that is empowered.

(me)volution is about you and me. It is about an internal journey that changes a person and channels energy into a longer-term commitment, and it is believing that one person's vision can lead to a movement that can bring about sustainable, societal change.

(me)volution: Change begins with me is published by Hilborn Civil Sector Press. Purchase PDF copy for only $9.95.

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