The essentials of fundraising in one tiny book

publication date: May 11, 2011
author/source: Lisa MacDonald

Author Neil Sloggie puts it this way - there are a few fundamental strengths common to most successful fundraising programs.  Also, there are some mistakes that all fundraisers make, no matter how long they've been in the profession.  The Tiny essentials of fundraising offers the simple truths of fundraising as experienced through "Kate" an inquisitive new recruit to the fundraising profession.

Join Kate as she meets with three seasoned fundraising professionals to uncover what really matters in the world of nonprofit fundraising.  In her first two encounters, Kate learns approaches to be avoided as well as emulated. But, her third meeting brings it all together in the form of an organization that has really thought through its fundraising strategy and approach.  It is here that Kate learns the seven secrets of fundraising success.  Can you guess what the first essential is? 

 Always focus fundraising on the work of the organization

Sure, it sounds simple but the charity world is full of distractions. Every fundraising manager receives regular suggestions about great and crazy fundraising schemes, products, events, etc.  The ones that will usually work best are focused squarely on your work.

As Kate learns her lessons, the reader is given a simple and smart reminder about the principles underlying a good fundraising program. Sloggie himself is a fundraiser and notes "the principles [in this book] have been learned through, sometimes bitter, experience and from the teachings of many very wise people."

Order your copy of Tiny essentials of fundraising by Neil Sloggie for only $23.00.

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