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publication date: Oct 28, 2015
author/source: Lisa MacDonald
Here's what author and strategist Fraser Green knows: at the end of the day, donors are just people.  And people go through their days moving between their three natural dimensions - the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual.  If we want to connect deeply with, and build sustained loyalty with our donors, we must learn to reach their heads, their hearts and their souls.  In his new book 3D Philanthropy, Green tells us how to do it.

Fraser Green is a person who is passionate about his work, and it comes through in his writing.  3D Philanthropy is not a classic textbook or tactical checklist of "to-do" tasks that add up to a more loyal donor.  Instead, Fraser tells stories; about "Wilf," "Bridget," "Caroline," and "Sheila."  In the examples of these donors, the reader is given insight into the three human dimensions of head, heart and soul that influence our daily activities, life experiences and ultimately giving patterns.

But, don't get the impression this book is all soft and fuzzy.  Fraser is a fundraiser and he wants to help readers improve their bottom line. He includes relevant and recent market research, on-point case studies and strategic advice.

Consider the following scenario demonstrating the concept of lifetime value as it relates to return on investment: there are identical triplet sisters who are all donors to your charity -

  • Janice makes her gifts to you through the mail. She stays active with your charity for four years before she lapses. Her average annual gift is $40. Janice's (gross) lifetime value is $160. This is pretty typical.

  • Joanne starts out the same as Janice and gives the same amount through the mail - except that after four years she converts to monthly giving. She stays on as a $14 per month donor for another 8 ½ years before she eventually lapses. Joanne's lifetime value is $1,588 - ten times the value of her sister!

  • Jacqueline starts out the same as her sisters with four years of direct mail giving. She then follows Joanne with 8 ½ years of monthly giving. But, Jacqueline does something more. She decides to leave 5% of her estate to the charity in her will. When she dies, Jacqueline's estate is worth $400,000 - so her bequest is $20,000. Jacqueline's total lifetime value to your charity is $21, 588, 13 times greater than Joanne's - and 135 times greater than Janice's.

How much would your charity pay (in direct marketing) for these donors?

For a thought-provoking, intellectually-stimulating and, at times, emotional journey into the inner-workings of your donors, pick up 3D Philanthropy.  You won't be disappointed.

Order 3D Philanthropy by Fraser Green at the low cost of only $29.




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